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Friday’s #ToTD: To Auto DM or Not

To Auto DM or Not to Auto DM that is the question. I have read a ton on auto dm’s pros and cons and personally the choice is really up to you. Some people hate them and others love them. I am going to give you my opinion on them and my own personal experience with them.

When I first jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon I decided not to go with Auto DM and just do things the ole regular way as I figured well no one is going to contact me anyways lol. Well I was wrong, I was receiving dm’s from many people either about my tweet, or asking me when my next stream is and so on. This still was not enough for me to get an auto dm service. Then one day I followed another streamer and I received their auto dm and read it. The dm was quite informative about the person I just followed, and it told me a bit more about them. Which opened my eyes as to why I should be using an auto dm.

So I jumped onto the auto-dm bandwagon just as an experiment and to see what these auto dm’s can do for me. So I joined up with Crowd Fire (which is a free to use website), Crowd Fire also helps you control your Twitter and or Instagram I suggest checking it out. Anyways back on topic, so I made my first auto dm and I added a shit ton of info about  me, my stream and my social media. Saved it and had Crowd Fire do it’s job. I started to receive a lot of followers and my auto dm would be sent to me in my dm box on twitter. I soon realized holy shit that is a lot of auto dm sent out and thought to myself wow that my dm message was way too long.

So I quickly went to Crowd Fire and edited my message, and cut many things out of it and only kept the important stuff. Who wants to read a friggen novel about you on Twitter? No One. So make sure your auto dm is short and to the point. I personally do not see anything wrong with an auto dm as some people will read it and some will never see it. I have not had a person unfollow me yet over a auto dm. I have however made a few new views and followers off of it.

So in the end the choice is really your’s why not take a look into it and test the waters for yourself. Remember my friend’s life is short, respect and love one another. Have an amazing day!


Thursday #ToTD Moderators & Why We Need Them

Today’s Tip of The Day: Moderator’s and why we need them.

Good Morning All! I am going to address a few things in this blog today that will touch on the pro’s and con’s of having a mod! (To be honest there is no con) Some of you have asked me why do I need a mod I am a small channel and well nothing really happens in my stream. Or I hear I don’t know anyone who will be a mod so I don’t bother.

In my opinion I believe everyone should have a mod or 2 in their stream regardless of size. In my stream I have 6 mods is that a lot? Nah I do not think so because not every mod is going to be able to make every stream. Sometimes they do and I have a lot of green swords flying around and other times there will be 1 or 2 mods.

My mods have not had to deal with too many trolls as of yet I think a total of 5 trolls have been timed out and banned from my channel. My mods were doing their job and making sure my stream is clean. You may not have trolls now but one day you will, and to be ready for that day is important. Do not get me wrong your mods are not just there for trolls. They are there to help keep the chat under control. If you step away to take a break of any kind it is your mods that are chatting it up with your viewer’s, it is your mod that is going send out some tweets while you are in mid stream (haha). Depending on what your permissions are with your mods they will be handing out bonus points, or doing contest,betting and much more.

Before choosing a mod make sure you have a set of rules and regulations that you want your mods to follow. We are all different with different views, always make sure you and your mods will be on same wavelength. What you expect to happen in stream when different scenarios happen. Some examples are: Maybe you only want people timed out for trolling instead of being banned. Maybe you want a set number of points to be handed out to your viewer’s in stream.

As you can see your mods are an extension of you and are there to help regardless of the situation. So you are probably asking yourself, “How do I obtain one of these god like creatures?” When you are looking for mods go for those who are in stream regularly and those who can be trusted. Being a mod is a powerful tool and can be abused if not in the right hands. Just like any kind of power in real life.

Obtaining awesome mod for your stream:

  • Moderate another streamers channel and trade work
  • Have a friend that can mod your stream
  • If you are in a team or community put it out to your fellow teammates
  • Make a Google form and have it posted in your chat that you are looking for mod ( if you do this one make sure it is someone you can trust and have been in your stream numerous time)
  • Ask other streamers how they obtained their mods

For myself every mod that is in my stream I mod for in their channel. So it’s a one hand washes the other kind of situation. I love being in their streams and hanging out with them, I get to support them and be a part of the stream. Sometime’s a loyal viewer will ask to be mod as well and I use my discretion when choosing.

Always Thank your moderator’s for the job they do as this is their free time, instead of them going shopping, streaming, and playing video games they are spending their free time in YOUR stream. So make sure you are grateful to them and you will receive the same respect.

If you would like to stop by and see what my mods do please stop by the stream and see the awesomeness that I call mods at work. Here is My Channel If you have anything else to add please comment and I will edit my blog to add in any other awesomeness! As with all good things in life this blog is about to end.

A big THANK YOU to my mods: BlueSuedeHaze, COMMANDOSLIPPY, Sylent Jedi, HonestPandaShow, MizzDixi13, DragonKing4831 I know I may be missing a few other’s and I apologize it is still early here lol. You guys are amazing and I do not know where I would be without you awesome people.

Be kind to one another, respect each other and remember there is someone out there that loves you.

Wednesday #ToTD

Wednesday’s #ToTD: Stream Etiquette:

This is something that is missed by many when first starting out. Usually because you are so pumped from your stream you forget, or maybe you are shy and unsure what to say or do. This piece is for the Streamer and the Viewer as there is etiquette for both sides. It is a bit long but there is a lot of info in this piece.

As a streamer you want to be courteous and polite, not unwelcoming and rude. You would think this is simple but you will be surprised at how many times I have walked into a stream, typed in chat and was not acknowledged once. This as a viewer will turn me off of your channel real quick and you just lost a follow, a view and someone who would have supported your channel.

So how can we make sure this does not happen to us? When anyone comes into your stream Welcome them with either your own voice, chat bot or some crazy way to personalize their experience. Acknowledge the viewer when they type into your chat and yes sometimes it can be difficult due to the kind of game you are playing, but that is still no excuse you can turn around and say ” Hey sorry will check out the chat once I am done owning these n00bs.” Or by letting your channel know a head of time, or tell one of you mods and they should be able to reiterate what you want said. Most of the time viewer’s can completely see you are in the “shit” and will understand that you can not look. But once you can look do it right away and make sure you welcome that person into your stream/family.

What about busy chats? What about it? I have busy chats some days where it is just flying by, still that is not excuse to not acknowledge someone. You have mods and you have bots, use them to your advantage. With your mods they should know your rules already, they should know what you want said in the event that you are busy and can not reply to chat. There are so many bots out there now that will do greetings for you, one bot is Vivbot. Vivbot will welcome anyone that steps into your stream whether they type or not. This has its pros and cons in my eyes and we will speak on that in another tip of the day.

Don’t get me wrong there will be times that you will miss someone or something being said it happens but make sure you get a chance to acknowledge it. Example: I was playing Overwatch and I was in the shit could not look at chat or my OBS. My follower alert sounded off and I was unable to welcome that person. I did however say ” Hey who followed me thank you and welcome.” Then once the round was done I opened up my Twitch Alerts and seen it was “The_Sleepy_Kitty” I then stated to Kitty, welcome to my stream and did my little welcome message/song that I do for new followers.

At the End of your Stream:

  • Make sure you thank everyone who stopped by, thank them for their time and their follow.
  • Always state your next stream time if you know it.
  • Send out all your social media links
  • State what social media you want them to follow.
  • If you are going to raid another streamer.
  • Very important! Thank your mods for what they do for you. They do it for FREE!

When you are done completely and you turned off your stream for the day, make sure you hit up all social media and tell your fans what a great stream you had. Also make sure you throw in a thanks! We talk about Social Media in another #ToTD so don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for updates!

Now it is time to be the Viewer/Streamer: What do you mean? I am talking about those streamers who go into other channels to view what you as the streamer is doing.

We have all had that one guy/girl to come into your stream and start announcing they are a streamer. One of my biggest pet peeves! Just the other day I was in mid stream when someone who I do not know walked in and said “Hey can you please look at my stream?” Which did piss me off, but I did not tell him or her where to go. I simply put it to them, that coming into someone’s stream and announcing that is wrong and that they should not be advertising their stream in someone else’s without permission. Now I know many other streamers that would banned or timed him out. I decided to school him on streaming/viewing etiquette. I then received a follow out of that instead of a bitter a troll.

The only times I feel it is permitted to talk about your stream is:

  • The Streamer asks you how your stream went
  • Streamer says: Do you stream?
  • If you are in a stream that does not mind you advertising

If NEITHER of these apply please do not bring up your stream! It is rude, and disrespectful to the streamer and the streamer’s viewer’s. Just don’t do it!

In my stream for example my mods are aware of who and who not to do shout outs for. How many shout outs in a certain amount of time. In my chat I will shout out streamers that I support and that support me, as one of my goals is to help other streamer’s out.

My advice to you is Respect your fellow streamer and treat them as you want to be treated. We are all human and we are all trying to reach very similar goals. So please raise each other up.



My Goals & Aspirations

I have been asked numerous times what are my goals and aspirations for my Twitch Channel? Up until now I was fully unable to answer until today. I have seriously thought what I want to do and where do I want my channel to be.

Would I like to be Twitch partnered? Of course I would love to be, who does not want to be paid for doing what they love? Becoming partnered is NOT my main goal for my channel, if it happens then yes great it is gravy on the potatoes.

My goals are to meet new people, help as many people I can and to have a fun time doing it. I want my channel to be a place where people can come ask questions, give advice about streaming or gaming, a place where people come to have fun. I believe I have made that goal happen by the amount of people who come into my stream to watch me play/rage lol.

I would like to turn my channel into a community not just a place for people to come and watch game play. The amazing people who come in to my stream are amazing! Some of them are streamer’s while the rest of just viewer’s. They are a great group of people that come into my life every day and I am so thankful for each of them.

One of my aspiriations is to start doing interviews with other streamers and viewers whether they are with Twitch, Beam, or YouTube. I would like to make a written blog series on them and their experiences. I am also preparing to make Vlog videos on YouTube as well. So if you are interested in helping me out and would like to get your story out there please contact me. I have yet to start it but it will happen in the near future! S please keep yourself updated by following me Twitter

Tuesday Tip of The Day #ToTD

Tuesday’s #ToTD is: Stop worrying about numbers.

We have all been there streaming and looking down towards your view’s only to see that you, yourself is sitting in there. Or constantly checking your follows on Twitch, Twitter or YouTube. I know that feeling all to well, as for when I first started out streaming on Twitch I was always looking down to see my views and when I was done checking out my follows. As I got further into my streaming career I realized that the number looking was just causing me extra stress that I did not need. So I decided to stop worrying about the numbers.

How did I stop worrying about numbers? Well I told myself that I will no longer look at the views or follows. I turned off my Twitch stream and popped out just my Twitch chat so I could not see the follow or view numbers. I then stopped looking at my phone with the Twitch app and now just use it for discord. I told myself before I started my stream, ” I will not need to look at numbers during my stream.” At first it was hard and I am not going to lie I wanted to check out my numbers but instead I just kept myself busy in my stream. Then after stream I would always do other things besides looking at my Twitch page.

The last time I looked at my numbers I had 400 followers, recently I hit the 500 mark and did not know till another streamer told me I was 8 away from 500 followers. I was so very shocked and excited at the same time. I did not have any worries or stress about it either and was a great time and feeling!

My advice to you the numbers will come it does take time but do not focus on them. Use them as a guide but that is it. Numbers mean nothing in reality as long as you are having fun in your stream! Streaming is to be fun and once you stop having fun then it is ruined.



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