Little bit more about me. I live in the Great White North for those that do not know that means Canada. I reside in one of the coldest Provinces in Canada called Alberta, as I write this now it is -32 c and we have a extreme cold weather warning in effect.

I can no longer use when I am not gaming I am hitting bitches on the track. Why? Because I recently retired my jersey and number with my roller derby team. I used to play for RDRDA Nightshades and was a blocker.

I am addicted to video-games and have been since 1985 when I received my very first NES for Christmas. I still have my NES that sits in my living-room which still works and my children play on it which is so cool. I do hoard gaming consoles and one day I will have them all set up in a epic gaming room.

I have recently started streaming and have been streaming for almost 2 months. In those 2 months I have learned a lot about Twitch, Streaming and Youtube and want to pass my what I find out to others who may need it. By nature I am a helpful person and I found a good little community where I can help other people. So I am making this site/blog all about helping others. I will be doing Tip of the Day every day on my Twitter page and Facebook page.

If you are looking for any help please contact me and I will see what I can do for you. If you would like me to see your channel and give advice on what could make it better I can do that as well.