To Auto DM or Not to Auto DM that is the question. I have read a ton on auto dm’s pros and cons and personally the choice is really up to you. Some people hate them and others love them. I am going to give you my opinion on them and my own personal experience with them.

When I first jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon I decided not to go with Auto DM and just do things the ole regular way as I figured well no one is going to contact me anyways lol. Well I was wrong, I was receiving dm’s from many people either about my tweet, or asking me when my next stream is and so on. This still was not enough for me to get an auto dm service. Then one day I followed another streamer and I received their auto dm and read it. The dm was quite informative about the person I just followed, and it told me a bit more about them. Which opened my eyes as to why I should be using an auto dm.

So I jumped onto the auto-dm bandwagon just as an experiment and to see what these auto dm’s can do for me. So I joined up with Crowd Fire (which is a free to use website), Crowd Fire also helps you control your Twitter and or Instagram I suggest checking it out. Anyways back on topic, so I made my first auto dm and I added a shit ton of info about  me, my stream and my social media. Saved it and had Crowd Fire do it’s job. I started to receive a lot of followers and my auto dm would be sent to me in my dm box on twitter. I soon realized holy shit that is a lot of auto dm sent out and thought to myself wow that my dm message was way too long.

So I quickly went to Crowd Fire and edited my message, and cut many things out of it and only kept the important stuff. Who wants to read a friggen novel about you on Twitter? No One. So make sure your auto dm is short and to the point. I personally do not see anything wrong with an auto dm as some people will read it and some will never see it. I have not had a person unfollow me yet over a auto dm. I have however made a few new views and followers off of it.

So in the end the choice is really your’s why not take a look into it and test the waters for yourself. Remember my friend’s life is short, respect and love one another. Have an amazing day!