Today’s Tip of The Day: Moderator’s and why we need them.

Good Morning All! I am going to address a few things in this blog today that will touch on the pro’s and con’s of having a mod! (To be honest there is no con) Some of you have asked me why do I need a mod I am a small channel and well nothing really happens in my stream. Or I hear I don’t know anyone who will be a mod so I don’t bother.

In my opinion I believe everyone should have a mod or 2 in their stream regardless of size. In my stream I have 6 mods is that a lot? Nah I do not think so because not every mod is going to be able to make every stream. Sometimes they do and I have a lot of green swords flying around and other times there will be 1 or 2 mods.

My mods have not had to deal with too many trolls as of yet I think a total of 5 trolls have been timed out and banned from my channel. My mods were doing their job and making sure my stream is clean. You may not have trolls now but one day you will, and to be ready for that day is important. Do not get me wrong your mods are not just there for trolls. They are there to help keep the chat under control. If you step away to take a break of any kind it is your mods that are chatting it up with your viewer’s, it is your mod that is going send out some tweets while you are in mid stream (haha). Depending on what your permissions are with your mods they will be handing out bonus points, or doing contest,betting and much more.

Before choosing a mod make sure you have a set of rules and regulations that you want your mods to follow. We are all different with different views, always make sure you and your mods will be on same wavelength. What you expect to happen in stream when different scenarios happen. Some examples are: Maybe you only want people timed out for trolling instead of being banned. Maybe you want a set number of points to be handed out to your viewer’s in stream.

As you can see your mods are an extension of you and are there to help regardless of the situation. So you are probably asking yourself, “How do I obtain one of these god like creatures?” When you are looking for mods go for those who are in stream regularly and those who can be trusted. Being a mod is a powerful tool and can be abused if not in the right hands. Just like any kind of power in real life.

Obtaining awesome mod for your stream:

  • Moderate another streamers channel and trade work
  • Have a friend that can mod your stream
  • If you are in a team or community put it out to your fellow teammates
  • Make a Google form and have it posted in your chat that you are looking for mod ( if you do this one make sure it is someone you can trust and have been in your stream numerous time)
  • Ask other streamers how they obtained their mods

For myself every mod that is in my stream I mod for in their channel. So it’s a one hand washes the other kind of situation. I love being in their streams and hanging out with them, I get to support them and be a part of the stream. Sometime’s a loyal viewer will ask to be mod as well and I use my discretion when choosing.

Always Thank your moderator’s for the job they do as this is their free time, instead of them going shopping, streaming, and playing video games they are spending their free time in YOUR stream. So make sure you are grateful to them and you will receive the same respect.

If you would like to stop by and see what my mods do please stop by the stream and see the awesomeness that I call mods at work. Here is My Channel If you have anything else to add please comment and I will edit my blog to add in any other awesomeness! As with all good things in life this blog is about to end.

A big THANK YOU to my mods: BlueSuedeHaze, COMMANDOSLIPPY, Sylent Jedi, HonestPandaShow, MizzDixi13, DragonKing4831 I know I may be missing a few other’s and I apologize it is still early here lol. You guys are amazing and I do not know where I would be without you awesome people.

Be kind to one another, respect each other and remember there is someone out there that loves you.