I have been asked numerous times what are my goals and aspirations for my Twitch Channel? Up until now I was fully unable to answer until today. I have seriously thought what I want to do and where do I want my channel to be.

Would I like to be Twitch partnered? Of course I would love to be, who does not want to be paid for doing what they love? Becoming partnered is NOT my main goal for my channel, if it happens then yes great it is gravy on the potatoes.

My goals are to meet new people, help as many people I can and to have a fun time doing it. I want my channel to be a place where people can come ask questions, give advice about streaming or gaming, a place where people come to have fun. I believe I have made that goal happen by the amount of people who come into my stream to watch me play/rage lol.

I would like to turn my channel into a community not just a place for people to come and watch game play. The amazing people who come in to my stream are amazing! Some of them are streamer’s while the rest of just viewer’s. They are a great group of people that come into my life every day and I am so thankful for each of them.

One of my aspiriations is to start doing interviews with other streamers and viewers whether they are with Twitch, Beam, or YouTube. I would like to make a written blog series on them and their experiences. I am also preparing to make Vlog videos on YouTube as well. So if you are interested in helping me out and would like to get your story out there please contact me. I have yet to start it but it will happen in the near future! S please keep yourself updated by following me Twitter