Tuesday’s #ToTD is: Stop worrying about numbers.

We have all been there streaming and looking down towards your view’s only to see that you, yourself is sitting in there. Or constantly checking your follows on Twitch, Twitter or YouTube. I know that feeling all to well, as for when I first started out streaming on Twitch I was always looking down to see my views and when I was done checking out my follows. As I got further into my streaming career I realized that the number looking was just causing me extra stress that I did not need. So I decided to stop worrying about the numbers.

How did I stop worrying about numbers? Well I told myself that I will no longer look at the views or follows. I turned off my Twitch stream and popped out just my Twitch chat so I could not see the follow or view numbers. I then stopped looking at my phone with the Twitch app and now just use it for discord. I told myself before I started my stream, ” I will not need to look at numbers during my stream.” At first it was hard and I am not going to lie I wanted to check out my numbers but instead I just kept myself busy in my stream. Then after stream I would always do other things besides looking at my Twitch page.

The last time I looked at my numbers I had 400 followers, recently I hit the 500 mark and did not know till another streamer told me I was 8 away from 500 followers. I was so very shocked and excited at the same time. I did not have any worries or stress about it either and was a great time and feeling!

My advice to you the numbers will come it does take time but do not focus on them. Use them as a guide but that is it. Numbers mean nothing in reality as long as you are having fun in your stream! Streaming is to be fun and once you stop having fun then it is ruined.